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The Devil's in the Details!

Ever since I started creating artwork I've been utterly obsessed. Details, details, details! As a child I remember I used to spend hours drawing crazily complex houses with dozens of rooms, each with their own unique, intricate, little furnishings. Now, hopefully having honed my skills at least a little over the years, I'm still fascinated by those super fine finishing touches that can turn a good artwork into something great. When I set out to create my paintings I always wanted to give people observing my work something more. I didn't want to create what I could call 'fast food' artwork. That sounds a little silly but bear with me! What I mean is that I didn't want artwork that warranted a cursory glance or that could be consumed quickly in one go. I wanted to create works that could be studied closely by the observer for a lengthy time and that, even then, they would still find new things in the image to contemplate. I wanted to make art that showed that particular attention had been paid to every single centimeter of the canvas.

My Methods

To create these tiny details that add so much to the sense of realism and interest within my pieces I use absolutely minute brushes! Round head Size 0 to 5/0 are my brushes of choice. These I use to add sparkles of light, tiny bubbles, minute rivulets of light and droplets of water on skin.



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